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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Water Softeners in Nova Scotia

A water softener is the solution to the scale, staining, appliance damage, and dry skin caused by hard water.

Hard water is much more than a nuisance. Scale accumulating on hot water heaters drastically reduces their ability to heat the water resulting in higher energy costs.

The lifespan of water using appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers is reduced also. Hard water also interferes with the ability to produce suds making it difficult to properly clean clothes. In the shower, hard water dries skin and hair.

Water softeners are easy to install, easy to maintain and save time and money in any household.
Would you like to have?
  • softer smoother skin
  • silkier shiner more manageable hair
  • better tasting food and beverages
  • sparkling and spotless dishes and glasses
  • better performing and longer lasting appliances
  • 21% to 29% energy savings heating your water
  • whiter brighter cleaner clothes
  • using 50% to 75% savings on soap and detergents
  • longer lasting plumbing
  • peace of mind and knowing your helping to protect your environment!
  • Water System Sale in Halifax Nova Scotia
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